What do we offer?

Campus in Andalucía

Live day to day in our training campus. This experience will be shared with our best coaches so you can take the most out of it in this perfecto environment.

We organize matches and competitions with team of all levels and categories, so that you can live a unique and personalized experience that your team will never forget.

TDA Sports is an organization comprised of the best professionals in each sport, with the aim of sharing their knowledge and enjoying their passion with everyone.

Discover a unique place in the world. Enjoy the ideal weather throughout all year, beautiful landscapes, and with and incredible cuisine. Malaga meets all the requirements for you to enjoy your stay to the maximum and do a great variety of sports.

We offer a wide variety of sports. We have facilities, clubs, equipment, environment, and staff at the highest level. You will be able to relish every sport suit to your interest.

We offer all kinds of activities suited to all types of groups and individuals, tell us your interest and we will organize the best possible activity. Stadium tours, water sports, mountains routes and among many others.

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